My thoughts about Christmas…

It is amazing to me how much controversy gets stirred up by people over Christmas. Secularists get upset with “Merry Christmas”. Some Christians get upset with Santa Claus. Some other Christians get upset at any mention of Christmas. Amazing. So I thought I’d offer here my two cents worth on the subject.

         It’s a fact that we have no idea of the date of Jesus’ birth. It’s also a fact that the word “Christmas” appears nowhere in the Bible. But to ignore the subject of the incarnation of Christ or to rail against Christmas as being “unauthorized!” seems to me counter-productive. Why would you not capitalize on the opportunity to verbally portray the beauty of Bethlehem? Why willfully ignore the subject that is on the minds of those once or twice a year visitors when they visit the assemblies of the church? The same logic goes for preaching on the resurrection on Easter. Jesus was born. Preach it! Jesus was raised. Preach it! Especially those times when folks are already thinking about it!

         At the other end of the spectrum is the subject of Santa Claus. The jolly old elf is demonized by anti-capitalists and other “ists” who make it their life’s work to be against stuff. No thanks. Santa Claus is a harmless, fun-filled fantasy of joys and toys for girls and boys. If some of these folks whose hearts seem to be “three sizes too small” would lighten up a bit they might enjoy life more.

         I love Christmas. Give me Norman Rockwell and “O, Holy Night”. Give me “you’ll shoot your eye out”, Zuzu’s petals and Linus telling Charlie Brown what Christmas is all about. When the tree is put away I’m ready to get back to the routines of life. But come December I’ll be ready for the sweetness of the season to warm my soul again.

Brad Fry

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