The Other Self-Righteous

There are at least two manifestations of self-righteousness. The first is the “religious” self-righteous, the one most people think of, exemplified by the Pharisee of Luke 18: 9-14.

But often people fail to take note of the worldly self-righteous. This is the man who attempts to justify his aversion to the church by pointing to some hypocrisy, real or imagined, in one or more of its members. Since he sees himself as “just as good as that guy”, he has fooled himself into thinking “that guy’s sins and shortcomings” somehow mitigate his own. So he ignores the Lord, the church and the Bible. He may pray from time to time when he gets in a jam. Whether he acknowledges it or not, he has a need to be confronted with the gospel, he has a responsibility to assemble with the church to encourage others and to worship God. He fails to realize that just as he is “just as good” as the church-going hypocrite in this life, in eternity he will be just as lost.
Brad Fry

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